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Puppies whelped December 24, 2023

Another exceptional pedigree.  This is a breeding with some very notable national champions throughout the pedigree. It's a combination that should produce all-around versatile dogs. The retrieving prowess and loving nature of both parents can only result in faithful companions, with combined talents of hunting and trial performance. 

There's one word to best describe Cooper....EXPLOSIVE.  But you can add... Talented, High Drive, Style, Loyal and Good the list. His friendly disposition and calm demeanor when he is just hanging out being your buddy is a strong contrast to his intensity when it's time to work.  His courage and focus to retrieve is something special to behold.  Cooper is that special male dog that is very high when working but likes to listen.  A real team player who excels especially on water.

Another youngster to watch for in the retrieving world is Heidi.  She's a beautiful, personable, level-headed dog that is very easy to live with.  She runs hard without being over the top.  






Heidi 2021
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