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After an exhilarating battle to the finish line, November Morning Rain "Rain"  in December 2019 emerged as the 2019 Outstanding Derby Dog in the United States with 88 points.  This was a career highlight that brought with it a lot of firsts.  Rain was also the Top Canadian Derby Dog in 2019 which she accomplished in style competing in only 10 trials in Canada and accumulating 

37 points.  Her points/start are a testimony to the incredible animal she is:  3.7 pts/start in Canada and 3.1 pts/start in the US.  Among her accomplishments she was a finalist at the 2019 Derby National with Dan handling her.

Her firsts Include:

-1st dog to be both the Top Derby Dog in both Canada and the US

-1st dog to break NAFC FC AFC NAFTCH FTCH AFTCH Ebonstar's Lean Mac's recorded with 125 combined US and Canadian points.  Lean Mac had 123

-1st dog to win the title with 3 different handlers, all equally successful.  Handlers included her owner Karen Nelkenbrecher , Karen's husband Nolan and Baypoint's Dan DeVos 

-1st Canadian dog to win this award

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