Whelped Nov 30, 2019.  2 black males, 1 yellow male, 2 black females

This is an exceptional pedigree.  The combination should produce an all-around versatile dog. The loving nature of both dogs will provide a faithful companion, with combined talents of hunting and trial performance. 

Bitsy is a Shaq daughter and a Shadow and Ford granddaughter.  We ran Bitsy in her first trial at 18 months in a Qualifying, which she won. She had 5 starts in the Q with 2 placings and 1 CM. This made her QAA at 18 months. She has several siblings whom also have had some success in both field trials and hunt tests. Littermates include Baypoints Made In America - qual win; Baypoint's Pretty Boy Floyd who won a qualifying and the derby the same weekend also at 18 months. In Junior Floyd had 3 starts with 2 wins; in 2014 he had an 80% completion rate in the Q with a win. Floyd now, has several open 2nds needs his win to title.   A repeat breeding of Bitsy produced Baypoint's I'm The App For That (Apple) who at 12 months finished her first junior and then placed 4th for a 100% completion rate. She has since finished 3rd in the Q at the Ohio Valley 2016 spring trial and jammed the open at the Niagara Peninsula trial, finishing off the year with a win in the open at 2 years.

Bitsy also has progeny that have excelled in the field and hunt test games.  She produced the #4 top junior dog in Canada (Baypoints Lock Stock N Barrel JFTR), who also won an open as a 2-year-old.  Another son, Gabe (Baypoint’s The Retrieveinator QAA), won a open at 28 months.  Her daughter T (Baypoint’s TNT I’m Dynamite MH WCI) quickly obtained her MH and has several placings in the Q.

Beyond that Bitsy is a phenomenal hunting companion - be it ducks, pheasants, quail or huns, she can do it all with style.



                         BAYPOINT’S A CUT ABOVE QAA


Parker is a Grady and FTCH AFTCH Maddie son.  NAFC Grady’s record speaks for itself.  Maddie not only produced some awesome competitive dogs but was one of our best performers with 65 all age points.  She had 6 consecutive all-age wins one year and was a Canadian national finalist.  Her son, Parker is a high energy, high prey drive, exciting retriever.   Whether he’s competing, or hunting his attitude never changes.  Positive always.   Parker has 23 open points with 4 wins.   With only running 32 opens, he has a 2.1 pts/ finish.   He ran 2 qualifyings in the US and placed in both.  But bring him in the house and you hardly know he’s there.  A pleasure to live with.  Very loyal and loving. 

Parker’s most notable sibling is FC AFC Baypoint’s Westminster Abbey.  She retired this year with 114.5 All Age points
19 AA wins (5 in 2019!!), 2x National Open Finalist, 8 Canadian AA points, Canadian National Finalist.  Other siblings include FTCH AFTCH Baypoint's Hit and Miss and FTCH Baypoint's Worth Waiting For.

Parker also has numerous progeny competing in hunt tests and field trials.


                               FTCH BAYPOINT’S PARK AVENUE